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8 constitutional medicine

Who doesn’t want to lead a healthy life with no diseases? Everyone is different and so are their bodies. Everyone responds to medicine differently. But why? Because human bodies are complex. One cannot predict what can cause a person an allergic reaction. That’s why the human body is classified into eight constitutions each carrying a unique combination of stronger and weaker organs. It can answer all your questions regarding why you fall ill even after following a diet.

8 constitutional medicine

Let us define the eight constitutional medicine:-

Eight constitutional medicine groups together all the different characters into eight constitutions. According to this, every individual should be treated in a different manner when it comes to medical treatment because everyone is born with a different body type. It uses acupuncture to heal the body. The acupuncture treatment usually lasts for up to 15- 20 minutes and is relaxing.  The eight different body constitutions are: –

  1. Pulmotonia
  2. Hepatonia
  3. Cholecystonia
  4. Pancreotonia
  5. Gastrotonia
  6. Colonotonia
  7. Renotonia
  8. Vesicotonia

Depending on the body constitution, one may have a weak liver or a strong one, the same goes for all other body organs. The body combinations are grouped in the above mentioned. The gift of this medicine was given to us all by Dr. Dowon Kuon in the year 1965.  After finding your body constitution, a diet must be followed that supports your body organs according to their strength. By just having the right food, your body can become stronger.


Using eight constitutional medicine, chronic illnesses can be removed and one can improve overall health. It can help you lead a happy life because when you follow your diet according to your body type, you’ll feel healthy. Your immune system will also get stronger. It’s a highly effective treatment and is practiced in many countries due to its success rate. This one is widely famous for curing diseases whose cure hasn’t been found yet.

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