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Since the time that we became aware of ourselves, taking care of one’s self has always been our goal. But as we grow older, it comes to a point that this has become a ‘not so important’ priority. The simple task of honoring your commitments in taking care of yourself is becoming more and more difficult. But this doesn’t have to like that. If you follow simple steps and easy habits of Mindful Self-Care Practices every single day, the transformation will not be that hard to achieve.

Potentia Therapy

There are plenty of practices that we should know of, and if you need assistance, you can also learn these from Potentia Therapy. This is a unique space who focuses on providing specialized, collaborative, and personal outpatient care. Potentia Therapy’s goals are to treat the person as a whole while considering the entire spectrum of mental health issues.

In addition to what you learn from Potentia Therapy, here are simple practices that you can do on your own:

Potentia Ttherapy

  • Stand And Start Moving. The more you move, the stronger your mental and spiritual health becomes. Go to the gym instead of sitting on the couch all day. Show up to your therapy sessions and help yourself in becoming a better you. If you move frequently, you stretch your muscles and this helps you release tension from your mind and body.
  • Pen Down Your Promises. When you write, you are able to form a unique commitment to yourself. By simply having a journal of what your plans are for the day, it becomes your written promise that will resonate.
  • Cut Your Social-Media Time. Take time away from social media. This is one of the time-consuming activities that you can do all day. You might not have thought about it, but you are being influenced by social media.
  • Daily Meditation. Sometimes, you need even just a few minutes each day to give yourself mental clarity. Pray, or maybe, download a guided thinking app to help you clear your mind even for just a short time. Stop your thoughts and be still in the present moment and you will realize how powerful it can be.

Open Up Your Heart. There are times that you might not be aware that your mind is preferring to have negative thoughts. Train your mind to choose to see things on a positive note and this can heal your heart. This will not only heal you but also make others happy.

Potentia Therapy – How Long Will It Take?

Many people are in doubt about whether to take therapy sessions or not because of the amount of time that they have to spend. However, the length of therapy will depend on each individual and their personalities, life experiences, and goals. Potentia Ttherapy will work with their clients to determine their goals, check in regularly to assess and re-evaluate these goals.

Most clients would prefer weekly sessions, but some would choose to have more, depending on their recovery and support needs. For Potentia Therapy, mental health is whole health, which is why they treat their clients as a whole.