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Personal Alarm Service Improves Elderly Care

By having a personal alarm service, the elderly still gets to live on their own. Although it’s normal to worry about what may happen should the senior encounter some accident while at home, having a reliable response center to contact will give their loved ones peace of mind.

Affordable and Provides Privacy

Given the increasing costs of nursing homes, private in-home health care services, as well as assisted living centers each year, personal alarm service continues to stake a claim as a cost-efficient care option for seniors. With it, you get to connect yourself to a safety net which allows you and your loved ones the security they deserve.

By availing this, you also enable your loved ones to live more private lives as they remain in their homes, which can also give them a sense of independence. For those who previously spent their whole life in control of themselves and their lifestyle, it can get quite agonizing once they realize that they always need to depend on others. However, a personal alarm can help any senior get through this dilemma.

personal alarm service

User-friendly and Easy Setup

A personal alarm service is not complicated to use, even if there is an emergency happening. If the phone isn’t within reach or the elderly may be physically unable to use the device, they can push the help button to alert the response center.

The service can also save the senior from the hassle of dialing or remembering a contact number since there’s just one button they need to push. They can wear the home pendant even while they’re in the shower since it’s water-resistant. So, if ever they slip in the bathroom, they can still get immediate help.

If ever you accidentally press the pendant, you don’t have to worry as the response team will always double check if there’s an emergency.

Get Help Anytime

Sometimes, even when a senior tries to contact their loved ones or friends during an emergency, they may not be able to respond or answer the phone immediately. However, if they have a personal alarm, they won’t have to worry about such kind of scenario since they can get in touch with someone any time of the day.

If the elderly have assigned contacts and they’re currently unavailable, the response center can easily contact emergency services to do a welfare check.

Having a personal alarm is an essential life-saving tool for an aging individual as well as for those with medical concerns. Not only will you get support at any given time, but more importantly, you will remain safe, your loved ones will have peace of mind, and you’ll be more comfortable and at ease, since you still get to live in your own space.