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Important Things to Know About Tadalafil

Now that he blockbuster Cialis drug is accessible as a generic, people are ready to ask for the prescription from their doctor. However, there is more to Cialis & Tadalafil generic, than meets your eye. Many times Cialis is compared to Viagra, as both are quite popular treatments for the erectile dysfunction; however, they come with the different dosing regimens & have got different the side effects. The generics are used for treating various conditions, as well. Here is what you must know about Cialis and Tadalafil, before you start taking its first dose.

You have many options for the dosing schedule

Suppose you are considering Cialis for treating ED, know you have got two other options on how you can take it: daily or as needed. “As needed” choice is quite similar to Viagra, and where you take this medication before every time you start your activity. With that, you have to plan beforehand to give this drug a little time to begin working. Daily option for the Cialis drug, keeps this medication at the most effective levels in the blood, thus you are able to have sex spontaneously.

Typical starting Cialis dose for as-needed is 10mg, but can easily be dropped to over 5 mg or improved to 20mg depending upon how you react to the drug. For every day dosing, the doctor will prescribe you 2.5mg tablet.


Tadalafil is not different from its brand-name Cialis

Many patients often ask how well the generic drugs work than the brand counterparts. It is very important to know that all medicines go through the rigorous research procedure before they hit any market. On the top of this, FDA has got strict guidelines that make sure that the generic drugs have the similar active ingredients & are effective as the brand-name versions.

One biggest difference between the brand-name Cialis & generic Tadalafil may be its shape of the tablets. Cialis generally comes in the yellow and oval-shaped drug. Tadalafil tablet is yellow but is either or circle or oval shaped.

Different version Tadalafil exists

Just like Cialis, Adcirca, uses Tadalafil as the active ingredient. Even Adcirca is one drug that treats out pulmonary arterial hypertension and high BP in arteries of heart & lungs. Adcirca has got its generic Tadalafil version. Adcirca’s generic drug comes in the white and oval-shaped tablet & is available in 20mg pill.

Counterfeit Cialis

For the widely marketed drug just like Cialis that will be very expensive, it is good to be totally aware that the counterfeits exist. Nowadays, medication prescribing has become very popular online, and where fraud is around each corner. Suppose you buy the medications online, you need to be very careful.