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What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear: marijuana? I know, it probably would be that it is a drug and that keeping hold of it is punishable. Yes, it is true. Recently, many places declared marijuana legal for recreational and medicinal purposes. However, federally, marijuana is still illegal. So now, what exactly is this marijuana? Have you heard cannabis? You might already know about it as another name for marijuana. However, marijuana is a greenish-greyish mixture of made from the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. There are several names for marijuana; slang terms that are widely used by many. These names include herb, pot, weed, Mary Jane, ganja, grass. If you are interested in knowing about marijuana; everything related to it, then search online. Today, there are several articles available about it. Just type and search Online Marijuana Articles.

Marijuana has several uses; the major ones being for recreational and medicinal purposes. The following are the medicinal purposes for which marijuana is used for.

Researchers have found out different ways in which marijuana can be used for treating various health conditions such as seizure, pain, inflammation, psychiatric disorders, substance use disorders, dependence, and withdrawal.

When used for recreational purposes, an individual may feel the below listed effects

  • A decrease in blood pressure.
  • An increase in the heart rate.
  • An increase in appetite.
  • Marijuana can lead to slight hallucinations.
  • The person may feel a slight change in the way he or she perceives thingsdue to the distorted illusion of both the time and space.
  • Heavy breathing.
  • Use of marijuana can reduce the levels of an individual’s concentration power and can also cause memory loss.
  • Mood changes or sent an individual into a state of relaxation.

Most often what happens is that what at first begins to be a recreational use taken occasionally, slowly becomes a habit and then an addiction. If taken continuously, that is all those individuals who are addicted to marijuana, and they are sure to have some not-so-good side-effects. What we have covered here is just a brief up on marijuana. There is a lot that you still need to know. To know about it all, conduct your research. Take the help of Google, the best search partner on the internet and search for the query Online Marijuana Articles.