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Marijuana Detox

We can consider numerous reasons why you should cleanse your body from cannabinoids such as THC as well as its byproducts that will remain in your system for days after consumption.

Conducting drug tests is a common process that happens before employment while employers can also conduct them in working places with an idea to maintain a drug-free environment.

Have in mind that passing a drug test is a completely different objective that requires specific factors based on a period you have until it comes. In most cases, people experience short notice tests in which they have to remove THC metabolites from their body in a matter of days.

Even though that is almost impossible for chronic cannabis users, you can find ways to mask, hide or remove its evidence. That is the main reason why you should buy the best hair detox shampoo that will help you pass hair follicle drug tests.

Everything You Should Know About THC

Before we start talking about specifics, you should learn more on how cannabinoids react in your body as well as how they are stored within tissues. As soon as you consume weed, the THC levels in your blood will rise.

In matter of hours, your body will metabolize THC and break it into THC-COOH which is vital compound used for testing.

You probably already know that THC is the main reason why people tend to consume weed because it gives you the effects of high. At the same time, other byproducts and metabolites are not psychoactive.

After frequent consumption of cannabis and due to THC’s ability to store itself in your fat cells, it is much more challenging to cleanse yourself from it than from other, illicit drugs.

Marijuana Detox

When it comes to determining the levels of THC within your body, you should have in mind that answer varies from individual to individual. Even though we are subjected to same rules and factors, our specific habits can speed up and slow down the process of detoxification.

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Therefore, you should consider the factors that will help you cleanse yourself completely:

  • Frequency of Consumption – This is the most important factor that will determine the number of days you have to abstain from using until you remove any traces of cannabinoids inside your organism. Therefore, if you are a regular user, and that means that you are smoking more than once a week, it means that your fatty tissue is filled with it. On the other hand, occasional smokers could cleanse themselves in matter of days.
  • Metabolic Rate – You probably know that metabolic rate is vital for most of us and it represents the pace in which your body will be able to go through detoxification cycle. Of course, the rate depends on sex, weight, height, and genetics, muscle mass and levels of physical activity. Have in mind that the rate of metabolism will provide your ability to break down THC faster, which means that you will remove it from system as soon as possible.
  • Body Fat –When it comes to body fat, you should remember that THC is fat soluble, which means that your cells will store them after consumption. This particular factor is connected with the ones we have mentioned above, because it depends on frequency of consumption to determine the levels of this particular compound in your body.
  • Strain – You can find wide array of cannabis strains available on the market. Since marijuana became prominent as a medicinal remedy, different strains come with different levels of cannabinoids that are perfect for specific conditions that you wish to treat. Therefore, you should check out the amount of THC when it comes to weed that you are regularly consumed.
  • Exercise – When you consume marijuana, THC will enter your fat cells, which means that they will remain there and slowly diffuse into the blood as time goes by. According to most studies, you will be able to reduce the amount of cannabinoids from your body by reducing the fat store percentage that you have on your body. Therefore, you should implement appropriate exercise that will increase the amount of muscles that you have and that will ultimately boost your metabolism so that you can detoxify in matter of days.

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Marijuana Detox


Since THC is problematic because it remains in our bodies for days and in some cases months, you have to find ways to remove or mask it so that you can pass a drug test.

For urinalysis, which is the most common drug test among employers all across the U.S., you should know that detection period could go up to two months if you are everyday users.

On the other hand, if you are one time or occasional consumer, you will be able to cleanse up to two weeks.

The another choice is to find appropriate detox shampoo that will help you pass hair follicle drug test, because THC will remain in there more than three months based on the length of it.

That way you will be able to protect yourself from both tests.