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The DELTA-8 drug is a new chemical compound recently discovered on the black market by Foundation field agents. It appears to be chemically similar to compounds used by some religious groups in meditation and worship but on a much larger scale. The drug works similarly to dissociatives such as mescaline or ketamine by blocking neurotransmitter sites of NMDA receptors throughout the brain. However, it does not have any disorienting side effects that are common with other drugs of this nature, allowing for normal function while under its influence and can look at more info.

In human beings, subjects who have been administered DELTA-8 begin describing feelings of intense euphoria accompanied by visual and auditory hallucinations similar to those experienced during near-death experiences or the ones associated with religious epiphanies.

Subjects under the influence of DELTA-8 have been known to develop extreme cases of hypergraphia and hypermusicaphilia, writing or drawing pictures and speaking in poetic verse about their experiences under its influence, and playing long pieces of music that they hear in their head until physical collapse.

This compound is particularly fascinating because it does not just affect those who already believe in the divine; nonbelievers are affected by it as well. Subjects who do not believe in God report feeling an omnipresent “presence” during the duration of DELTA-8’s effects.

A single 50 mg dosage is enough to last for 8 hours. The Foundation has begun studying these hallucinations in the hopes of understanding how it works and what they mean, but more importantly to understand why people experience them when coming out on the other side.

After Effects

Subjects who have been administered delta 8 online consistently describe feelings of euphoria, wonder, and awe at their surroundings even after its effects wear off. This suggests that repeated long-term use could lead to psychological dependence on the drug, but this has yet to be proven through testing with nonhuman subjects.

Current research indicates that frequent use of DELTA-8 in human subjects leads to feelings of the divine, even when not under its direct influence. Repeated testing has shown that nearly all users report feeling “more connected than before” and one subject who had fallen into a routine of using the drug every day for weeks was reportedly left entirely catatonic when deprived of its effects.

Subjects seem to feel that this connection is with their god or some other supreme being, often describing it as a personal relationship with a deity or similar entity. This sort of belief seems to be independent of culture, race, gender, etc., though they do describe a feeling that their god is closer to them while under the influence. Many subjects say that this sense of closeness lasts even after the drug has worn off, though it remains unclear why this is.