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The man should eat healthily, and which would be good for anyone like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grains and dairy products which are all low fats. But there are some of the differences between healthy diets among men and women. We are only sharing 98.5% of them in our DNA.

When you will go through this slide then you must learn about some foods which are considered as a healthy diet for the men. Certain foods are playing especially the health roles in the man diet for the prostate problems, putting on the muscle and staying lean. There is Melanotan on the list which will help in the performance of the bedroom.

Red Meat

If you are closing your eyes and imagining the meal made from the man, then there is a good chance of dream about the steak. Men are eating a lot more proteins with Melanotanthan women on average. And most of them are also taking additional proteins that are healthy enough. If you are wanting to watch the weight, then protein is a better choice than carbs. The body will spend more calories which are burning protein. It is also helping with building and retaining the mass of the muscle. The key for these is to take small portions of the lean red meat and eat it daily.


But as mentioned earlier all the proteins are not healthier. The healthiest proteins are low in the fat and some of the cuts of the red meat are fitting in the bill, this will include the lean cuts of the pork and beef. The amino acid leucine is found in red meat. That is also important because this amino acid is responsible for maintaining and building muscle mass.

However, there is the reason where you are exercising the caution and it will be coming in the red meat. In some men, there is an abnormal gene that is causing the high iron content of the red meat which will leave the deposits in the vital organs. On the other hand, some women are needing the additional iron which is making up for the loss during their periods.

Tasty Cherries

Cherries are no doubt very delicious and healthy too. Cherry will contain the pigment of anthocyanins and the anti-inflammatory chemicals. Both the tart and the sweet are containing these special pigments which will find more of them in the various variety of tart.