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Buying An Insulated Water Bottle

Water pouches are pretty understandable and don’t need any definition necessary. Basically its a containment for your water bottle adding more durability and over the years, there has been creativity in that department meaning the punch or the construction to be better in terms of the quality and the usability. Making it not just ideal for the containment of the water bottle but for something else as well.

So if you’re buying for one, simply having it as a pouch isn’t going to cut it anymore, now that there are many designs out there that can make it function differently. One of the best ones that are out there and highly sought after is the rothco molle water bottle pouch. It’s a pouch-like no other offering high quality and multipurpose options that will make the pouch more usable than before. If you’re looking in the market for one, below you can find a few details about it.

It’s multipurpose: The rothco molle pouch isn’t just some simple mobile pouch. It was tough and multipurpose as well. With the side pouch and D rings, there are a ton of ways you can use it giving you more space and flexibility on your storage especially if you are out hiking.

Its a bang for the buck: With an MSRP $10.99 and all the things that you can get from it, do you really need more water bottle pouch out there? With all the features that the rothco molle pouch has it should even worth more, but it’s not. In a small amount, you already get something that will not disappoint.

Buying An Insulated Water Bottle

The pros and cons: Rothco molle pouch isn’t a perfect p[ouch, there are a few things that it could have done better and other things that it is really good at. The pants aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker since its minor that doesn’t really matter much as far as overall performance is concerned. Below you can find a compilation of the various pros and cons of the product:

  • Pros
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s standard in size
  • Sturdy
  • Made of Durable and strong materials
  • Can build it up to be an all-around survival kit
  • Features a side pouch
  • D-rings on each side of the pouch
  • Cons
  • Difficult to zip and unzip
  • No insulation properties
  • Can be undone very easily

The rothco molle pouches are one of the best selling water bottle pouches that are out there and if you’re looking for one you should definitely get it. For the price, the flexibility and the durability that it offers, it’s a really good sell. You cant many pouches at this price point that the rothco has. Aside from that, it can also be used on other things as well since its thick and sturdy enough, like for your camera lens or something. For more information, visit the link.