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As per the FDA regulations, medical sharps like needles should be stored in FDA-approved sharps disposal contains after use. For a disposal container to be marked as FDA-certified, it must meet the FDA safety and performance guidelines. The number of manufacturers and sellers for sharps removal containers is overwhelming. Identifying a reputable manufacturer and seller of these essential waste management solutions is not easy.

Daniels Health New Jersey

Daniels Health New Jersey is the home for smart and technologically engineered sharps containers. We are known all over the United States for creating world-class sharps containers that have passed clinical tests and proven to reduce sharps injuriesconsiderably. All our sharps containers are eco-friendly and customized to deliver maximum safety to patients and medical care specialists.

Professional State Licensing

Daniels Health has a State and National licensing to manufacture and manage sharp containers. Each of our team members has acquired comprehensive training on how to properly deal with collecting, transporting, and destructing sharps. Our operational specialists work together with the compliance team who knows how to handle all federal and state regulations regarding the management of sharps waste. As one of the most prominent sharps management and disposal companies in the United States, Daniels Healthare dedicated to the provision of environmentally friendly and safe sharps containers.

Has International Recognition

All Daniels smart sharps containers are recognized internationally. Our sharps containers have acquired international recognition as safe and eco-friendly systems that are potent-packaged to minimize needlestick injuries by extremely high rates. Astoundingly, our systems are backed by multiple cases and peer review studies to be the safest and most effective sharps containers that have all the safety features to keep all your healthcare staff and patients safe from container-related sharps injuries.

Premier and Quality Features

All Daniels Sharps containers include an automatic washing system that automatically processes containers after they are used. They also include tons of other amazing features like the suite mounting units, movement accessories, and location accessories. All these are optimized to add simplicity and safety to the process of moving the containers after use.  With our sharps containers, your staff and patients will be assured of maximum safety as they help reduce the risk of injuries by a high percentage.


Daniels health is no doubt an industry giant and the most preferred Sharps containers brand throughout the United States. Our customer reviews say it all. We are committed to delivering quality and efficient sharps container solutions that meet and exceed the unique needs of each of our clients. Besides providing quality, sustainable, and effective sharps containers, we also offer customized sharps container management and disposal services. We have in place cost-reduction initiatives that aim to help reduce your labor costs by up to 65% and operating costs by up to 30%. Also, the team at Daniels State has expertise in federal and state regulatory compliance so we will help do everything on your behalf. You can always get in touch with us to know more about our high-quality state compliance and sustainable sharps disposal containers through our always active email address or phone number.