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The term mask is defined as the protecting barrier of a person from another due to many reasons which may be air pollution, or air borne diseases. Masks act as a simple barrier to protect and help in preventing the spread of respiratory droplets that spread in to the air and create a mess of developing the same problem into others. In order to reduce these kind of issues masks are to be used. LHM Medical is one of the mask producer unit which performs the production of many masks in which both surgical masks as well procedure mask are present, which help in protecting the public from air borne diseases as well the contagious diseases.  There are a wide variety of masks now available in the market which are actually more on the demand now a days as without a mask we cannot move out of the house in order to protect ourselves from this pandemic situation. Now let us discuss about few of them.

Types of Masks:

  1. Bandana which is the piece of the cloth which is tied to cover our nose and mouth and protect ourselves from the transmission of diseases as well the pollution.
  2. Cotton Masks are the one’s which are used for the same purpose to cover the mouth and nose but these masks give a little bit higher security when compared to that of the bandana as they protect others from spillage of droplets when the sneezing or coughing happens from infected person.
  3. Disposable surgical masks are the other ones which are made of a fluid which are water repellent and one time use that is the reason why the medical department uses these types of masks so as to prevent the infections from transmitting from one person to the other unknowingly, lhm procedure mask are the ones which are now predominantly used world wide and which is protecting the world from many deadly infections. By using these masks there would be high security of non-transmission of disease.
  4. N95 is the other type of mask which is cup shaped and it protects us from infected person, so it is a mandatory thing that an infected person should wear this mask as a responsible person so as not to transmit the disease to others as more of air filtration would be done in wearing this mask and protects us.
  5. Cloth masks with double filters are also other choice where in people are feeling comfortable in wearing as they are also acting like filters and a bit soft to wear when compared to others.