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Let’s summarize this complex leptin and insulin process by saying that a particular level of leptin hormones will determine the level of hunger you have and the amount of fat you will keep. Leptin hormone plays a significant role in reducing hunger and signal the brain when it is time to burn excess fats.

If you want to know more about insulin and leptin, read full review here and get every essential information you need to know about insulin and leptin. If your body is in perfect condition based on leptin functionality, it can efficiently communicate with the brain effectively. The following are essential ways to enhance both insulin and leptin sensitivity:

Reduce the amount of sugar and starches 

You should always avoid taking excess sugar and starches since it will metabolize sugar which will release swells in leptin. Therefore, the higher level of leptin causes the cells in becoming leptin resistant. When your cell is exposed chronically, it will promote insulin resistance.

Just similar to insulin resistance, also leptin resistance occurs when the body cannot signal the brain about when to stop food intake from shifting fat burning. As a result of this issue, the body will remain in hunger and still excess fat.

Increases visceral fat Storage 

Leptin resistance is also the primary cause of excess storage of Visceral fat that sends the body into the vicious hunger cycle and fat storage, thus result to the risk of weight increase, heart diseases, Aging diseases and metabolic syndrome. If the fats in the body are minimized, lesser leptin will be secreted to signal the brain is easting time. And this is a reasonable working condition of leptin hormone.

leptitox supplement reviews


Each day many people are becoming more insulin and leptin resistant because of the Standard American Diet that contains fully refined grains, processed food, sugar, and much more. The solution to take foods that contain healthy fats and also avoid spike of blood sugar.

Before you focus too much on a complete health diet hormone, firstly you should emphasize on taking vegetables, eggs, lean meats, dairy and healthy fats as you limit grain and sugar consumption.

Eat antioxidant foods and have enough sleep

Eating high antioxidant food such as fruits and vegetables will alleviate leptin resistance since they reduce inflammation. Lack of enough sleeping may cause leptin resistance; therefore, you should make sure you have enough sleep.


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