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There are various forms of CBD extraction, and all vary in terms of the purity that can be achieved from the component, with some methods it is possible to completely isolate the CBD from the different cannabinoids and obtain complete CBD isolate, others do not completely filter the other cannabinoids that can also bring positive effects. Click here for cbd near me.

It is important to know that the best cannabis plantations for the extraction of CBD are those that are grown organically, avoiding the use of fertilizers and chemicals that can later be transferred to CBD, causing harm to the patient.

CBD extraction with CO2

To extract the CBD from the plant, scientists use CO2, with which, through certain temperature and pressure regulations in filter chambers, they can identify the different types of cannabinoids that the plant has, and once they identify the CBD, they extract this wonderful medicinal compound to isolate it so that it can be used without the effects of other cannabinoids. Visit this site for cbd near me.

This extraction method has a precision percentage of 90% and is the most used when carrying out this process of isolation and synthesis of CBD, however, to obtain these good results, it is advisable to use small samples of cannabis to limit the error range.

Extraction of CBD with Ethanol

This is a method that can replace CO2 when you want to make extractions of CBD on a larger scale, not only you get the same percentage, but it also cleans the compound, eliminating the chlorophyll particles that may have attached to it.

In this way we can take advantage of the CBD from the whole plant, the stem and the flowers, having good results, and unlike the other methods this requires very low temperatures to achieve a correct extraction.

CBD decarboxylation

This method is responsible for breaking the chain that binds the different compounds of cannabis, releasing them and leaving THC, CBD, CBN and CBC in free form.

To achieve this, it is essential to regulate the temperature to which cannabis is subjected for a certain time. These regulations are carried out in two stages, the first is to subject the Cannabis to a temperature of 100 ° C to 110 ° C for 10-20 minutes, this helps to eliminate the moisture residues of the plant, after that a temperature is applied 120 ° C for at least 1 hour.


Finally, this process goes hand in hand with each of the different methods that scientists can use to extract CBD, since, once the cannabis compounds are released, chromatography is applied to separate it from the rest of the cannabinoids and that can be used in a much purer way.

These are just the most common ways to extract CBD, however, there are also extractions through distillate, spagyric, olive oil extraction, ultrasonic extraction, solvent-free CBD extraction, and every day they find new ways to perform CBD extraction.