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The growth harmone is also called as the Somatropin harmone. The growth hormone is a type of protein hormone that is secreted by the somatotrophs. The growth hormone is secreted from the anterior pituitary gland. The growth harmone controls many physiological processes, metabolism and growth.The growth hormone production is not continuous and is produced in bursts in every four to five hours. The release of the growth hormone is controlled by the other hormones called growth hormone releasing hormone and somatostatin. The growth hormone releasing hormone stimulates the release the growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Somatostatin inhibits the production of the growth hormone. The levels of the growth hormone are increased during the sleep hours, exercise, in low glucose conditions and stress. The growth hormone also increases during the puberty time. The growth hormone is also decreased in some conditions like pregnancy and when the levels of growth hormone is more in the blood. Due to the wide range of functions of the growth hormone,its presence is highly required in our body. In some deficiency conditions you need to have supplements of growth hormone. The pharmaceutical companies start manufacturing the hgh for sale. You can take them as supplements in case of any deficiencies.

Deficiency of the growth hormone :

  • The deficiencies of the growth hormone mainly affects the growth of the young children. In elder age people, the deficiency of the growth hormone may cause increased fat, weak heart and more risks of heart diseases, weak bones and muscles, decreased well being and increase in the tiredness.
  • The deficiency of the growth hormone may occur from birth. The reason for the deficiencies of growth hormone from birth is unknown. It may be due to the underdevelopment of the anterior pituitary gland or genetic. Such children born with reduced production of growth hormone has very limited growth.
  • Deficiency of growth hormone in adults may occur due to the brain injury, brain cancer, radiotherapy for cancer, after brain surgery. In such cases the supplements of the growth hormone should be taken in the form of injections or tablets.
  • The growth hormone will contribute to the muscle and bone mass. Hence the optimum levels of growth hormone should be maintained in the body. Growth hormone in adults doesn’t help in the growth of the height. The growth hormone maintains your energy levels.


Understand about the growth hormone before you take the supplements.