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Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps the brain alert and active. It is a naturally occurring compound that affects the Nervous System by preventing the secretion of Adenosine which is the sleep-inducing hormone. Therefore, Caffeine triggers the brain to stay active and work properly.

The name Caffeine doesn’t strike to anyone as odd but it is a drug. And it is the only psychoactive drug that is legal worldwide. The usage of the product has no restriction and it is the most accessible drug as compared to any other stimulants.

The use of Caffeine has become so popular that people take a huge amount of it on a regular basis without even realizing that it also has some withdrawal symptoms. The caffeine withdrawal symptoms are not that common but it appears in the individual who takes an excessive amount of caffeine in a single day.

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms:

The most common symptoms that can be noticed in a Caffeine addict or any other person who takes a lot of caffeine are listed below:

  • A headache:
  • Fatigue:
  • Anxiety:
  • Difficulty in Concentrating:
  • Depression and Irritability:
  • Tremors and Low Energy

Just because there are some disadvantages of the product that does not mean that it will be easy to ignore the positive points. It is obvious that excess intake will harm the individual but it isn’t necessary. If your caffeine intake is limited and you don’t have that much dependent than you will certainly feel the positive effects of caffeine.

caffeine Reduces lethargy

Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine is taken in various ways such as Coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola, and some other. And there is a reason it is so much popular. It’s all because of the positive effects of the product. Although, the withdrawal symptoms explained after knowing the positive effects you won’t be able to resist it.

Here are some positive effects of Caffeine:

  • Longer Life: It has been proven in a study that the people who drink two to three cups of coffee in a day are more likely to live longer as compared to the people who don’t drink coffee or drink less.
  • Brain Boost: It is not the latest news that Caffeine has a very big impact on the brain and nervous system. It boosts memory functions and can help you to stay awake by keeping your brain alert.
  • Reduce the Risk of Diseases: The intake of Caffeine after the age of 40 is proven to be a good habit as it will decrease the percentage of the risk of Alzheimer and dementia. Taking three to five cups of coffee daily will keep you energized and will slow the rate of cognitive declination.
  • Good for Exercise: Along with the regular activities, Caffeine also helps in jump starting the day. Caffeine will improve your energy levels and will maximize the speed and power output of the body.

There is the very significant reason why caffeine is the only Drug that is legal all over the world. It is totally up to you which caffeine product you choose to have its benefits.