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What are the things to take care of after wearing Ceramic braces Singapore

People who feel the need to wear braces often search for ceramic braces but one must know the difference between metal braces and ceramic braces.

So metal braces and ceramic braces differ in the following categories-

  • Material- Basically, metal braces and ceramic braces firstly differ in the material which means metal braces are made up of metal like stainless steel while ceramic braces are made up of poly crystallite or mono crystallite alumina. It’s like glass-like material.
  • Visibility- Secondly, they differ in visibility. Metallic braces are easily visible so when a person with metal braces smiles, it gives them a blackish smile or metallic smile while ceramic braces in comparison with metallic braces are very less visible. Even a person with 3-5 feet can’t even predict that you’re wearing braces because their colors get easily blended with the teeth.
  • Cost- The third difference is cost. Metallic braces are comparatively less costly than ceramic braces and ceramic braces are a bit costly because of their material.

If a person is allergic to nickel in any case then due to hypersensitivity, doctors advise them to go for ceramic braces because the metallic braces contain a small quantity of nickel and as the metallic braces are applied inside the mouth, there is a slight chance of minor allergy.

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Things to take care of after wearing braces:-

  1. You should always wear your braces until the doctor advises you to remove them.
  2. Remember to remove braces, when you are about to eat food.
  3. Always, remember to clean the braces daily.
  4. Also, always put the braces in a proper case, and not just anywhere.

Costing of ceramic braces in Singapore-

New ceramic braces Singapore cost starts from $6,000. And the basic metal braces cost starts from $4,000.

Foods to avoid while wearing braces-

  • Chewy and sticky foods like bagels, licorice, caramels, hard rolls, and gums.
  • Crunchy and hard foods like chips, popcorn, candies, nuts, and ice.

Avoid unnecessary insertion of things into the mouth like pencil, pen, or anything like this. Because it can damage the braces and it will lead to long-term treatment. You must also feel a bit loosening of teeth but sit and relax because that is normal. If teeth won’t get loose, then how they will be able to get into their right positions. So, chill and don’t worry. They will get back to their rigidity.